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  • I am more than happy to recommend MediFunds Recovery, LLC.  The process was easy and Matt kept me up to date at every step of the way.  I was very thrilled to receive more than $4,000 that was waiting for me.  I would have never gotten the money without them.

    Mark Barilleaux Houston, Texas
  • I was very pleased with the hard work Phyllis Brown and Matt did to help me recover funds.  It would not have been possible without their help.  Thanks again!

    Betty Chain Schertz, Texas
  • I was very surprised to learn that I could receive funds owed to me.  I called Phyllis with questions concerning the process to recover the funds.  Phyllis explained the process and the process was simple and very efficient.  Thank you MediFunds for your excellent and professional service.

    Antonio Zuniga Grand Prairie, Texas
  • It is my pleasure to recommend MediFunds Recovery.  When I was first contacted by them, I was very hesitant, but after a bit of research and lots of questions over the phone, I was convinced to give it a try.  Matt was professional, courteous, thorough and honest.  In the end, he delivered and I couldn't be more pleased.

    Marcos Bertamini Hong Kong, China
  • My wife and I thank Matt and MediFunds Recovery for not only alerting us to the unknown realization that money was due to us.  I did not readily accept the news and the people who say "You have money coming and we will help you retrieve it!"  Thankfully, it was true and this week we received the payment check.  Thanks again!

    Bill Hein Garland, Texas
  • When I received the letter I didn't believe anything about what the letter said.  I thought it was a scam, but my wife insisted to call.  So I did and Ms. Phyllis helped me and explained everything.  I am so happy I received my money and the process didn't take long at all.  I recommend MediFunds Recovery.  Thank you so much!

    Miguel Cabrera Snyder, Texas
  • Thank you so much for recovering my monies.  It was a relief that you were able to locate the monies.  Matt was so helpful that he gave me hope to locate it.  I will recommend highly your company to others.

    Carmelita Abaca Houston, Texas
  • I had no idea that I was owed thousands of dollars. Less than three weeks after I received a letter from MediFunds Recovery, I received a check for $6,833.93. Matt and his team answered all of my questions and I was confident of their integrity to recover my funds. I highly recommend MediFunds Recovery services.

    Sha Embree Georgetown, Texas
  • MediFunds Recovery, LLC was a pleasure to work with. Matt always returned my phone calls and e-mails promptly. I got all of my questions answered right away and had a good idea what was being done and what our next step was. We received our funds within a month! If you are owed money, MediFunds Recovery is sure a place to go.

    Smiles of Las Colinas Dental Clinic Irving, Texas
  • I am pleased to offer a business reference to the firm of MediFunds Recovery.  I used their services to recover funds and was pleased with their service and the outcome.  I would certainly use them again should the opportunity arise.

    Donald L. Levene, M.D. Dallas, Texas
  • We are pleased to provide you and MediFunds Recovery with a glowing recommendation. So much junk mail and false claims are part of everyone's daily mail stack, but from the time we received your initial letter, it seemed apparent that you were legitimate. You provided quick responses to questions via email and personal phonecalls, as well as a link to your website to help validate your company's reputation and good standing. With the name, address, and additional information MediFunds provided we quicklyrealized that these funds did in fact belong to our family. Your assistance through the process was very helpful and reassuring, and to our delight, resulted in the receipt of the funds just two months later. Again, thank you for your assistance.

    Kathy Stutesman Plano, Texas
  • When I received a letter from MediFunds Recovery, LLC, I did not believe we were actually owed money. However, I called the number on the letter and left a message. Within minutes Matt called me back and verified that his company located funds for the doctor and explained how to recover them. They did the work and we got the money very soon. Anytime we can recover funds, my doctor is happy. We appreciated that Matt contacted us and made us aware of this money. We will definitely use his services in the future.

    East Texas Radiological Consultants Athens, Texas
  • I was plum tickled to receive a letter from MediFunds Recovery about monies due to me that I wasn’t aware of.  What a blessing it was to receive a check instead of having to write one.  Thanks, MediFunds Recovery

    Virginia Hill Dell City, Texas
  • Thank you MediFunds Recovery.  It was a pleasure working with you to get funds recovered.  Matt was very helpful returning my calls and answering questions I didn’t know.  I recommend MediFunds Recovery.  Thank you for everything!

    Katie Cole San Antonio, Texas
  • MediFunds Recovery recovered my funds of $6,028.20 in three weeks!  Matt answered all my questions.  I’m very grateful and thankful I recovered the funds.  I will recommend MediFunds Recovery to anyone that needs to recover funds.

    Augustine Molina Pasadena, Texas
  • It is with great pleasure that I offer a positive reference for MediFunds Recovery.  From the moment that I learned that my wife and I had money owed to us Matt was on top of things.  I found the process and relationship to be very easy and positive.  Awesome job!

    Kevin Fralicks Nolanville,Texas
  • Matt was great to work with & highly professional.  His communication skills are top notch!

    Ronald R. Fowler La Vernia, Texas
  • Thanks so much for the service you have done for us at the present economically depressive time.

    John Rowe Sunrise Beach, Texas
  • What a surprise!  Matt’s wonderful voice telling me that MediFunds Recovery had found money owed to me—I did not believe him!  Needless to say, I followed his instructions and in 3 or 4 weeks received my check—WOW and what an amount!Thanks, Matt, for helping me and many thanks to MediFunds Recovery for all their research and work.

    Pat Henry Montalba, Texas
  • I received a letter from MediFunds Recovery saying I was owed over $7,000.  Matt contacted me and explained the process as how to recover the funds.  He kept me informed every step of the way and did all of the leg work.  I am very happy to recommend Matt to anyone, and would definitely use his services again should the need arise.  Thank you MediFunds Recovery!

    Rick Condon Missouri City, Texas
  • I am very happy to recommend MediFunds Recovery, LLC.  This was money I didn't even know I was owed.  Phyllis diligently worked to recover my money and kept me informed all along the way!  She was very friendly and persistent.  I felt she really cared!  What a blessing-thank you, Phyllis!

    Victoria Courtney Bryan, Texas
  • Phyllis was very attenting to this claim and went to great lengths to assist me in every aspect.  She made this an easy transition which I culd not have done very easily on my own.

    Christopher Criner Galveston, Texas
  • Phyllis Brown of MediFunds was a delight to work with in recovering my money.  She was always ready to keep us informed and make the process as painless as possible.  Thanks!

    William P. Moore, M.D. Houston, Texas
  • Thank you MediFunds.  Didn't think it was possible but you guys did the job and I am very grateful!

    Edgar Montgomery Corsicana, Texas
  • I was so surprised when MediFunds wrote that they had located $7,243.39 that I was not aware of.  They reported every couple of weeks to tell me how the process was moving along.  I had my money in approximately two months.  You cannot go wrong by using MediFunds.  Great company.

    Jackie Fudge Plano, Texas
  • MediFunds Recovery helped me put almost $8,000.00 in the bank that I didn't even know I had!  Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism.

    Bob Funcannon Paradise, Texas
  • Thank you MediFunds Recovery, LLC for recovering my funds!

    Hans Chaput Victoria, Texas
  • I was surprised to receive a letter from MediFunds Recovery.  I did not believe I was owed any money.  However, I called the number on my letter.  Matt verified that they would recover the money for me.  Matt kept me informed.  Thank you MediFunds Recovery!  I recommend MediFunds Recovery.  Thank you, Matt!

    Helen Perry Harker Heights, Texas
  • We appreciate MediFunds Recovery and their continued search for us and trying to locate us to return monies that we were not aware of.

    Frank Higgins Eagle Lake, Texas
  • What a surprise! Matt with MediFunds Recovery found money owed me from over 20 years ago and we just got a check! Thanks, Matt! It was a pleasure working with you.

    Jan Tubbs Austin, Texas
  • It was a pleasure working with you to get fund recovered - $5,000! I will recommend MediFunds Recovery to anyone that needs to recover funds.

    JJ68 Express, Inc. Rancho Viejo, Texas
  • Thank you for the positive of finding more money. Patience is a virtue. God Bless to all! I appreciate it very much!

    Johnie Brown Estelline, Texas
  • I am grateful to Matt for all of his help in obtaining the money that was remaining in my mother's estate. He was friendly, professional and always prompt.

    Daniel Kleffner San Antonio, Texas
  • I would never have known I had these funds. I highly recommend MediFunds Recovery. It was not a simple process byt Matt stayed after it and got the job done. Thanks for you hard wrk and persistence! Great job!!

    Kenny Krawietz Midland, Texas
  • You contacted us at a time when we most needed it. The people working in your office were just wonderful - along with you, Matt! I would recommend you to anyone. I am so pleased with the help I received from MediFunds Recovery. Thank you so very much!

    LaVon Moore Alvin, Texas
  • I am so happy with your service! The extra money has helped pay for our daughter's wedding. I would have never known about the funds. Thank you!!!

    Lee Ann Ghilain Dripping Springs, Texas
  • I want to say thanks for your help! I would recommend MediFunds Recovery to anyone. I would use them again if the issue should arise again.

    Martha Holland Marshall, Texas
  • I will recommend MediFunds Recovery to anyone that needs to recover funds. Thanks, Matt!

    Max Baumann Sugar Land, Texas
  • Thank you, MediFunds Recovery, and especially to Matt who helped me a lot to recover the money from my husband's insurance commission. I would certainly recommend their service to my friends and relatives. To the team I would say "keep up the good job!!!" Matt, thank you very much!

    Meriam Joseph McAllen, Texas
  • Thank you, MediFunds Recovery. Thank you, Matt for contacting me and making me aware of the funds that were waiting for me. I am grateful to you and your staff for returning my phone calls and answering my questions. I never would have gotten the money without your help. I am more than happy to recommend MediFunds Recovery, LLC!

    Mildred Meredith Beaumont, Texas
  • It was easy to contact you when we needed help while the process was being done. Thank you!

    Gustavo Miranda Lampasas, Texas
  • The $2,500 MediFunds collected for us could not have come at a better time. My son had just had a bone marrow transplant at the Veterans Hospital in San Antonio. He needed our help. The whole collection process was very fast. I would highly recommend using this company. It was a pleasure to have worked with them. Many thanks to all!!

    Glenn & Judy Murphy Mesquite, Texas
  • Matt certainly knows what he's doing! When I was notified about the available funds, I had no idea where to begin. But a phone call to Matt was all it took to find a successful outcome. Thanks, Matt!

    Rebecca Oglesby San Angelo, Texas
  • At first, I thought it was a scam but my wife suggested that I call. Reluctantly, I did and spoke with Matt. Little did I know that I had $4,889 sitting out there. I received this check amount just a day before Christmas. Thanks MediFunds Recovery for your professionalism and integrity!

    Victor O'Moregie Missouri City, Texas
  • I would love to thank MediFunds Recovery, LLC. When I received a letter from Medifunds Recovery, I didn't believe I was owed money. So I called the number and talked to Matt who answered all of my questions about this Blessing and verified that, yes, $8,508.99 was mine! Thank you MediFunds Recovery. Outstanding job! God Bless.

    Paul Ojeda Corpus Christi, Texas
  • I never would have found this had MediFunds not sent me a letter. I was a little uncertain if this was real or not. It was! I would recommend MediFunds Recovery!

    Richard Archer Amarillo, Texas
  • I am thankful for MediFunds Recovery for this money they discovered that I didn't know. Thank you, Matt!

    Roel Yebra Edinburg, Texas
  • I am very thankful to MediFunds Recovery. I had no idea I was due the money I have received. I appreciate this firm. Thanks, MediFunds Recovery!

    Linda Scrimshire Tool, Texas
  • Outstanding and diligent work! Thanks for your help. I'm pleased to recommend you to prospective clients.

    Acadiana Energy, Inc. Houston, Texas
  • Matt was very helpful in every aspect of recovery of my mother's money.

    Steve Johnson Enid, Oklahoma
  • Thanks to MediFunds Recovery for helping me claim my money quickly. I appreciate all the help from Phyllis. She was very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Gary Tharp Houston, Texas
  • Thank you MediFunds Recovery for getting me all the money I was owed! It really helped out a lot! I had no idea about how much money was owed to me.

    Tomas Garza Amarillo, Texas
  • Without MediFunds Recovery I would have never known about the money owed to me. So I would like to thank MediFunds for everything that did for me in the recovery process. I would definitely recommend MediFunds to everyone! Thanks, Matt!

    Utt Truong Carrollton, Texas
  • I'm very happy! MediFunds Recovery did a great job. It's perfect! Thank you very much.

    Xuelu Li San Jose, California
  • Thank you for assisting us in recovering our funds!

    Javier A. Ybanez Pleasanton, Texas

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